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8 Things Patients Want from Their Dentists

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Dental work can be nerve-wracking and stressful. You want every experience at the dental office to be as comfortable and productive as possible. So you do have the right to be choosy about who you let to work in your mouth.

What are some important qualities to look for in a dentist? Here are the eight main things that people want from their dentists.

1. A Good Chairside Manner

A good chairside manner includes being respectful and considerate. The right dentist won’t make you feel awkward or boss you around. Rather, everyone wants a dentist who will explain things carefully, maintain a positive attitude, and treat them kindly.

2. Runs On Time

It’s difficult to stay on-time in a dental office where there are many unpredictable things going on at once. That’s why everyone appreciates a dentist who respects each patient’s time and makes an effort to see them when scheduled.

3. Understands Patient Needs

Let’s face it - getting dental work done is not comfortable. A dentist who understands his patients’ needs will do everything he can to help them get comfortable.

Patients love a dentist who provides extra comforts and luxuries to make their visit a pleasant one. Complimentary beverages and snacks, warm towels, blankets, pillows, leg support, Kleenex, lip balm, stress ball, wireless headphone to listen to music or watch TV, nitrous oxide, WiFi, and other amenities transform a routine dental visit into a pleasant experience.

4. Available for Emergencies

Life doesn’t happen on a 9-5 schedule. Many unexpected dental emergencies happen outside of normal office hours. Parents in particular like to have a dentist they can count on for help right when it’s needed. A caring dentist will give patients his or her mobile phone number in case you need to call 24/7 with any questions or concerns.

5. Great with Kids

Dental health is a family affair. It’s convenient to bring your kids to the same dentist you see. Not only that, but a family-oriented dentist knows how to help even small children feel safe and relaxed in the dental chair.

6. Empathetic

The perfect dentist understands how patients feel and what they need to be comfortable. Patients love having a dentist who can put their fears at ease and work at a pace that suits them. Everyone should feel free to express their concerns directly to the dentist without feeling judged.

7. Gives Pain-Free Injections

For many dental patients, a painless experience is the best dental appointment. Patients want to have a dentist who gives numbing shots painlessly. Only the most experienced and gentle dentists can do that.

8. Calls You at Home

You just had major dental treatment done earlier in the day. That evening you get a call from your dentist and wonder if you did something wrong. No, you didn't do anything wrong. The dentist just call to see how you are doing.

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