Joining is easy. Just score a cavity-free checkup, and you have earned your membership valid until your next checkup! You can then enter our monthly drawing to win a prize! Each month, all members of the No Cavity Club will have their names placed in a jar from which a winner is selected on the last day of that month. So, if you are a Member, check back here every month to see if you are the winner of our monthly drawing for a $25 Target Gift Card.


Winners 2018

January -  Nicole C. (10 yo)

February - Emily C. (9 yo)

March - Jazmine N. (10 yo)

April - Isabelle H. (3 yo)

May - Brooklyn B. (9 yo)

June - Owen W. (4 yo)

July - Tavin C. (4 yo)

August - Evelynn P. (10 yo)

September - Johanna A. (9 yo)

October - Justin P. (15 yo)

November - Ellie J. (7 yo)

December - Violet G. (10 yo)


Winners 2019

January -  Reagan H. (3 yo)

February - Seleste P. (9 yo)