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Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment. For this visit you should bring:

  • A list of your current medications, drug allergies, and medical history.

  • Any dental appliance(s) you have, whether you are currently wearing them or not.

  • Your dental insurance identification numbers, and benefits book, if applicable.

Your first visit to our office is the most important one. It gives both of us an opportunity to get to know each other. Establishing a good relationship is vital to achieving our common goals of improving and maintaining your dental health.  This takes approximately one and one-half hours. 

For some patients, the first visit is an emergency or a specific urgent concern. Of course, we will attend to the emergency situation first and make you comfortable.  

If there is not an emergency concern, we provide the comprehensive exam which typically starts with a review of both your health history and dental history. This is supplemented by any necessary digital x-rays. Upon completion of the 'paperwork' we will take intra-oral digital photos, at no additional cost to you, that will be used as an initial record in your chart, and will help in subsequent discussion of your current dental situation.

The actual exam will consist of both the extra-oral head & neck exam and an intra-oral exam of the soft and hard tissues of your mouth. The "soft tissues" include an oral cancer screening. The "hard tissues"  include examining each tooth for decay or defective restorations.

Part of the intra-oral soft tissue examination will involve a periodontal exam.  During this procedure Dr. Bui will exam the gum tissue for areas of disease evidenced by bone loss, bleeding, and areas of recession.

During the final portion of your exam, Dr. Bui will look at the collected data and discuss your concerns with you. Together, as an involved participant, a treatment plan will be established. If your condition requires complex planning, a separate consultation, or "review of findings," may be needed. There is no additional charge for this visit.

Once a treatment plan has been proposed, you will receive a computerized printout of the involved treatment along with the associated fees. You will also receive a customized Financial Options form detailing the payment methods available through our office.

We look forward to meeting you at your first visit!

To set up an appointment, please call us at 253-475-7125, and ask for Holly.

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