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Our office will bill your insurance company for payment under their guidelines.  It is important for you to know that our professional services are rendered and charged directly to you―not an insurance company. We work 100% for you, not for them. Dental insurance plans pay only a portion of your treatment, and we urge you to be fully aware of the provisions of your dental co-payment policy.  

We will file your dental claim if we can confirm your coverage in advance, but all charges for that claim will be payable by you if your insurance company has failed to make their payment within 60 days of being properly billed.  We are pleased to have an opportunity to provide the highest quality dentistry possible in an open and honest environment based on truth. We will do everything we can to live up to the standards you expect and deserve from us as professionals. Our fees reflect the quality of service and the care with which it was delivered.

We are pleased that you have a dental co-payment insurance policy. Co-payment means your insurance company will pay some, but not all, of your treatment. We will do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits on a yearly basis. We ask you to keep several important facts in mind.

When dental insurance plans first began in 1970, they allowed $1000 per year in benefits.  The vast majority of plans today still only provide $1000 per year in benefits.  (Yours might be more or less than this, but the majority still have this same yearly amount.) In other words, assuming a 6% yearly inflation, the typical $1000 benefit per year in 1970, is now equal to $176.84 in today's dollars.

Had the various insurance companies increased their benefit on a year-by-year basis reflecting increases for inflation, that typical $1000 benefit would now be worth $5111.69 per year! It is interesting to note that although benefits have not kept pace with inflation, your premiums have certainly gone up. The bottom line is that your yearly benefit has shrunk over the years even though you're paying more to the insurance company for it.  

A completed claim form will be filed as each phase of treatment is completed.  We ask you to understand that we neither work for the insurance companies, nor do we wish to. We work 100% FOR YOU! Your benefit package is a result of the transaction between your employer, or union, and the insurance company that sold the plan.

We will do our utmost to see that you receive the maximum benefits from your company's program, but keep in mind that most plans only provide for minimum, average care. In other words, they want you to do the absolute minimum and least desirable treatment that will still get you out the door.


Sometimes, an insurance company will state that the fee charged by the dentist was over the "UCR" of the policy, (the usual, customary, and reasonable fee). This does not mean that the fee charged by the dentist was excessive; it simply means that because of the contract your employer arranged with the insurance company (and the amount of money they were willing to pay in premiums), they are only willing to pay for a minimal amount of care.

The insurance companies are in business to make money.  Excellence in care rarely comes under the dictates of "average or usual". Our obligation is to YOU.  We will offer to you what we feel is the best possible treatment modern dentistry can provide for YOUR particular needs, irregardless of what the insurance company may be willing 
to provide.  We do not let them dictate your dental care.

If you have any questions, please call us at (253) 475-7125.

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