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Do You Appreciate All That Your Patient Coordinator Does?

Sharon, Patient Coordinator, at Duke N. Bui, DDS

The Patient Coordinator, or Dental Receptionist, is usually the very first person you meet when you walk into a dental office.

A warm smile and friendly greeting put you at ease. You have a seat and wait for your appointment. When the treatment is done, the Patient Coordinator checks you out and you leave.

It might not seem like the Patient Coordinator’s job amounts to much.

In reality, your Patient Coordinator does a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

What Do Patient Coordinator Do?

Patient Coordinator must have excellent interpersonal skills to thrive in a dental practice. They need these skills to successfully soothe patients’ anxieties, remain calm in stressful situations, treat all patients with respect, and to explain dental procedures in a simple way.

When Patient Coordinators aren’t communicating with patients, they’re usually very busy communicating with someone else. They correspond with dental offices, labs, vendors and insurance companies. Patient Coordinators are responsible for placing orders for office supplies and filing insurance claims. They update patient records and ensure the proper data for each patient and procedure gets entered into the right chart.

Patient Coordinators are the ones who manage scheduling for the dentist, hygienist, and patients.

Because of having to look after so many little details, Patient Coordinators must be organized and skilled at using data entry and word processing software. They also answer the phone, send faxes, texts, and emails, scan forms, and keep the waiting area tidy.

If you’re ever anxious about a dental procedure or are confused about what treatment you’re scheduled for, you can count on your Patient Coordinator to explain things to you. He or she is essential to keeping the dental office running on-time and keeping you, the patient, happy!

What It Takes to Be a Patient Coordinator

A simple high school diploma is usually all that’s required to start out as a Patient Coordinator. But most dental practices aim to hire receptionists who have some administrative background.

Office administration degrees or dental receptionist courses help train individuals to become great Patient Coordinators.

Are you interested in a position as a Receptionist at a dental office? If you’re organized and friendly and love working in a fast-paced environment, then it could be the job for you.

Meet your Patient Coordinator at Duke N. Bui, DDS, PS, Family Dentistry

If you’re looking for a new dentist located in Tacoma, then Dr. Duke Bui is the one you want to see. Our practice is currently welcoming new patients and our wonderful experienced Patient Coordinator, Sharon, will be happy to help you make your appointment! Call us today to schedule.

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