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Stubborn Partner Would Not See the Dentist? 7 Tips to Convince Them to Go

Young couple discussing about seeing the dentist for dental care

You shop for and prepare nutritious food because you want your family to have strong and healthy bodies. You keep your home clean because you don’t want your family to get sick.

But there’s one aspect of your family’s health that you have limited control over: their dental health.

You can’t keep a family member’s teeth healthy if they won’t see a dentist.

Like many people, you’re worried about the fact that your partner stubbornly refuses to get dental treatment.

You know how important oral hygiene is and you’re an avid flosser. You’ll visit the dentist any time you suspect that something is wrong with your teeth.

How can you convince your partner to get the dental care they need?

Before you do anything else, try to talk with your mate about what is holding them back from getting dental treatment. Be patient and understanding. Once you find out what their concern is, you’ll know which suggestions apply best in your situation.

How to Get Your Stubborn Partner to See the Dentist

Try these seven tips and lines of reasoning to convince a stubborn partner to visit the dentist.

1. The problem will only get worse. Just ignoring a dental issue won’t make it go away. Oral health problems tend to worsen with time. The longer your partner waits to have dental treatment, the more difficult and expensive the treatment will be.

2. Your dental health can jeopardize your overall health. Having “bad teeth” is far more than a cosmetic issue. Even if your mate doesn’t care about how their smile looks, they still need to realize that their health in general is at risk if they neglect oral hygiene. Neglect can lead to major infections, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, to name just a few complications.

3. Take small steps. Once your partner is open to discussing the possibility of seeing the dentist, suggest that they take small steps. The dentist doesn’t even have to look in their mouth on the first visit. Your partner can go in just to have a consultation where they get all their questions answered.

4. Try dental sedation. Dentistry has come a long ways from what it used to be. There’s no need to fear painful extractions or root canals. Anesthesia injections and sedation meds make dental treatment a breeze. Let your partner know of sedation options that can help them create positive memories of the dental office.

5. Make the appointment for them (with their permission). Your partner may need more than just a nudge to see the dentist. Stand by them every step of the way and be willing to schedule the appointment for them. Remind them when the date is coming up and even accompany them to the office, if that would help reassure them.

6. Remind them of the benefits of a healthy smile. Gently remind your partner of how they would feel having a healthier, more attractive smile. After all, our smile is one feature that we can successfully improve, if we want to! If your partner would like to have a more youthful or professional appearance or fresher breath, then the dentist is the perfect place to start.

7. Support, don’t criticize. Strive to be encouraging and understanding. If your partner stubbornly refuses to go to the dentist’s, then criticizing and shaming them will only make them more resistant. Introduce your partner to support networks such as online forums where people discuss how they conquered their own dental apprehensions. By exploring these resources together, you’ll get more insight into each other’s thinking.

A Competent and Compassionate Dentist in Tacoma

Once you can get your partner to agree to at least a dental consultation, then it’s time to find the right dentist. Your partner will feel right at ease talking with Dr. Duke Bui, a Tacoma dentist who understands why some people have a hard time with getting dental care.

Call our team here at Duke N. Bui, DDS, PS to schedule a consultation. We’ll also be happy to give you more advice on getting a stubborn partner into the dental office!

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