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8 Tips To Help Your Child Become A Fearless Dental Patient

Staff of Tacoma dentist examining a smiling child patient

1. Never use the dental visit as a threat.

2. Refrain from using words such as "hurt", "pain", or "brave", in connection with the appointment.

3. Avoid discussing any unpleasant dental experiences you've had in front of your child. Remember, modern dentistry has changed a great deal since we were kids!

4. Present the visit in a positive light, but don't over-explain or make a "big deal" out of the appointment. Leave most of the explaining to the dentist.

5. Don't be too detailed in discussing the dental visit.

6. Be willing to wait for your child in the reception room and don't encourage clinging, particularly when the dental assistant or dentist comes for him/her. Very often children behave better without the parent present in the examining room.

7. Be sure to tell the dentist about any previous bad dental experiences your child has had, as well as any fears you (or others) may have transmitted, either consciously or unconsciously. (Talk to the dentist privately.)

8. Try to discourage friends and older brothers and sisters from frightening your child about the dentist. Teach your child to rely on you and the Tacoma dentist for accurate information.

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