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5 Food Items That Can Affect Your Smile

4 glasses with different kinds of sodas

They say it takes fewer muscles to smile than it takes to frown. But a lot of people stop themselves from smiling their happiest smile. This happens when their teeth which should have otherwise contributed to their beauty, hamper the very effect that a smile is supposed to create. Tinted, crooked or cavity stricken teeth are not a pleasant sight. Tacoma dentist, Dr. Duke Bui, recommends the following few edibles that you should try to stay away from. Doing so will keep you smiling by keeping your teeth healthy.

1. Sugary Foods

It is a myth that eating candy makes your teeth rot. Its false part is that it is not just candy that can be harmful for your teeth. Rather anything that contains sugar in different forms such as glucose or fructose can be potentially harmful such as bread, fruits, dairy products, etc. Almost 10 hours after sugary foods have been consumed, the remnants of food particles accumulated on the teeth start harming the enamel. Hence it is advised that you brush your teeth two-three times a day to stop sugar from activating harmful bacteria.

2. Citrus Fruit

A balanced pH level of your mouth is crucial for dental health. If your pH level is towards the acidic side, citrus fruits may make matters worse for you by increasing the acidity level. Oranges, lemons, grape fruit and lime are a few citrus fruits. It is suggested that you use mouthwash right after having any of these fruits to stop the erosion of your teeth’s enamel and further damage the teeth’s core.

3. Carbonated Drinks

There are two things in carbonated drinks that harm the teeth of those who consume them regularly – carbonic acid, the element that gives them the fizz and sugar. The sugar creates an environment that’s more conducive for the growth of bacteria while carbonic acid erodes enamel. Damage to enamel is irreparable and once it takes place, it makes your teeth much more vulnerable to external attacks.

4. Coffee

A lot of people who have tea or coffee more than twice a day have increased chances of getting stained, darkened and discolored teeth. This effect becomes even stronger when the intake of tea or coffee is not followed by an episode of mouthwash. This happens so because tea and coffee are full of tannins. However, those who take milk with their tea or coffee have a decreased chance of discoloration because of milk’s property to neutralize the negative effects of tannins. Nevertheless, save the cost of visiting a dentist by simply washing your mouth well after taking your drink.

5. Drugs

There are certain drugs which might indirectly affect your teeth too. For example, diet pills can reduce saliva production, turning your mouth dry and a better place for the accumulation of bacteria that harm your teeth. Other drugs may decrease the pH levels in your mouth thereby increasing acidity. To fight the effect of such drugs, use supplements that balance pH levels. Also regularly have tonics such as calcium supplements that increase bone mineral density overall, and therefore make teeth less vulnerable to external attacks.

Although these tips can come in very handy, nothing beats going and seeing your Tacoma dentist to alleviate all dental problems.


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