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10 Things To Do Right Now To Keep Your Smile Healthy And Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Young man with a great smile does selfie because he's happy to have healthy teeth

A recent article by Lindsay Powers of The Hollywood Reporter talks of reasons why celebrities such as Steve Buscemi, Kirsten Dunst, Jewel, and Anna Paquin, refuse to fix their teeth. Now, unless you are a celebrity and having crooked or bad teeth is your financial livelihood, you should consider the following 10 things to do right now to keep your smile healthy and make you look 10 years younger!

  1. Learn to manage stress and you can add years to your life. Less stress is also healthier for your gums.

  2. Ask your hygienist to coach you on your brushing and flossing routine and to recommend the correct products for your teeth and gums.

  3. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day, using a soft traditional or electric toothbrush.

  4. Floss, floss, floss daily and you'll keep yourself (and your teeth) young.

  5. Get regular dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings at least twice a year.

  6. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, discuss with your dentist the prospect of getting them straightened.

  7. If you grind or clench your teeth, your dentist may recommend a night guard to protect your teeth from wear and tear.

  8. If you have old, large fillings or fixed bridges with ledges that make it tough to clean, talk to your dentist and hygienist about the benefits and options for getting them repaired or replaced.

  9. Avoid decay. Stop sipping sodas throughout the day or sucking on mints or cough drops (especially while in bed at night).

  10. Quit smoking (or using any tobacco products). Contact The Cancer Society or The American Lung Association in your area to find a good "quit smoking" program.

(Source Credit: I Hate Dentists! by McHenry Lee, DDS)

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