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Temporary Crown:
During your first visit for the crown or bridge treatment, a temporary crown or bridge is placed on your tooth/teeth for protection. The final restoration will be shaped to match and complement your other teeth. If the temporary crown or bridge comes off, you can try to apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the temporary and place it back on the tooth/teeth. Call our office for an appointment to have it re-cemented on as soon as possible to avoid problems to the tooth/teeth or to the fitting of the new crown or bridge.

Soreness and Sensitivity:
You may experience soreness around the gum-line, which can be relieved with a warm salt-water (1 teaspoon of salt per glass of warm water) rinse. You may also experience sensitivity to cold and/or pressure. This is normal.

Permanent Restoration:
Once the permanent restoration has been placed, your bite may feel slightly different. This is normal. However, if your bite feels uneven, call our office for an appointment.

Chew on the opposite side of the mouth from the restoration until the following day. Avoid eating sticky foods, chewing gum, and ice.

Brushing and Flossing:
Continue your normal routine of brushing.  For flossing, make sure you pull the floss through and between the teeth to avoid displacing the temporary.

If you have any questions regarding these directions, please call our office at (253) 475-7125.  If after hours, Dr. Bui can be reached at (253) 576-7080.

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