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Are You Harming Your Teeth with Bottled Water?

Man and woman drinking bottled water

If your beverage of choice is a bottle of water over a bottle of soda, then you’re on the right track.

Bottled water, however, can still put your teeth at risk for cavities.

How so?

How Bottled Water Can Harm Teeth

Interestingly, there’s nothing in bottled water itself that’s harmful to humans. Just pure water. But bottled water is purified and filtered to get rid of elements that can affect the taste. As a result, most varieties of bottled water are missing one crucial mineral.

That mineral is fluoride.

Tap water, on the other hand, almost always contains some degree of fluoride. This is because many community water supplies have controlled amounts of fluoride added to them. When you use tap water for drinking and cooking and brushing your teeth, you’re getting exposure to a healthy level of fluoride.

Strictly using processed bottled water, however, means that you’re probably not getting enough fluoride.

Fluoride - Why Essential to Dental Health

What is so important about fluoride, anyway?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral which helps strengthen teeth. It works with calcium and phosphate particles to update tooth enamel into a cavity-resistant material called fluorapatite. Frequent exposure to small amounts of fluoride over time help your teeth to gradually become more and more resistant to tooth decay.

When you use fluoride-containing water for drinking and cooking every day, you’re strengthening your teeth and lowering your risk for getting cavities.

Are You Low on Fluoride?

The good news is that you have several options for increasing your fluoride exposure.

Simply switching from bottled water to tap water is a great start. Or, you can search out brands of bottled water that include fluoride. If you typically filter your tap water before bottling it yourself, look for a water filter that leaves behind the essential fluoride.

If you can’t get enough fluoride in your drinking water, eat foods that naturally contain this mineral such as:

● Black tea ● White wine ● Seafood, especially canned crab meat ● Potatoes (with the skins on)

Use a fluoride-containing toothpaste and mouth rinse every day.

For more help in getting your teeth the fluoride they need, contact a Tacoma dentist like Dr. Duke Bui. You can get prescription-strength fluoride products and in-office fluoride treatments at the dental office.

Get a dental consultation to find out your risk for tooth decay and to learn more about the importance of fluoride. Call Duke Bui, DDS, PS - Family Dentisty today to schedule.

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